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Portland Stone Ware is ROCKING it with M-Rock! M-Rock Mortarless Stone is quickly becoming a manufactured stone industry leader with the ease of their P-Series innovative stone paneling system designed to be installed without mess, mortar, or a mason. The manufactured stone is casted with a specially designed PVC backing making installation fast and easy. This is great for any contractor or do-it- yourself homeowner for interior and exterior applications.

The backing is a built-in air and weeping system designed to eliminate water and cracking problems seen in some traditional stone installations. Each panel installs with screws on any substrate in any weather. Simply start with installing the starter strip on a horizontal line to lock the bottom of the first row of stone. Move up row by row, stacking and fastening. The built in rail system locks panels on top of each other. Corners are a two-piece system that works like locking fingers. Alternate the long and short ends as you work your way up the wall. At the end, you will want to move on to the next M-Rock project!


Canyon Stone in Binghamton

Canyon Stone in Merrimack

Ledge Stone in Albany

Ledge Stone in Hunter


Starter Strip

  • 40” long
  • 5 pieces per bundle

Top Sill

  • 30" long
  • Pieces in Brown or Gray

Due to the variety of computer monitors and desktop color printers, combined with the limitations of Internet technology, the perception of M-Rock Stone products varies. Since M-Rock Stone replicates natural stone, variations should, and can be expected. Always have your mason prepare a mock-up prior to beginning the actual installation.