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Landscape Accessories

Landscape Accessories features a wide range of products used to enhance any yard or garden. Here are some standard products from granite posts to fieldstone steps. While there are standard benches, compasses, and birdbath design, we do have a custom fabrication shop for engraving and creating custom designs. The possibilities can continue on to building the ultimate backyard retreat with Eldorado Outdoor Living products. These products make the growing trend of living out doors an easy reality.     

granite lamp post in a front yard surrounded by greenery and trees


Post Material Dimensions PSW Item #
Salt & Pepper Post 6''x6''x6' JGPSTSP666
Stanstead Post 6''x6''x6' JGPSTS666
Salt & Pepper Post 6''x6''x7' JGPSTSP667
Stanstead Post 6''x6''x7' JGPSTS667
Salt & Pepper Post 6''x6''x8' JGPSTSP668
Salt & Pepper Post 7''x7''x7' JGPSTSP777
Stanstead Post 7''x7''x7' JGPSTS777
Caledonia Post 7''x7''x7' JGPSTC777
Stanstead Post 7''x7''x8' JGPSTS778
Stanstead Post 7''x7''x6' JGPSTS776
Oxford Blue Post 7''x7''x7' JGPSTSOB777

Lamp Post

Lamp Post
Post Material Dimensions PSW Item #
Caledonia Lamp Post 7''x7''x8' JGLPC778
Salt & Pepper Lamp Post 7''x7''x8' JGLPS778
Stanstead Lamp Post 7''x7''x8' JGLPSP778
Oxford Blue Lamp Post 7''x7''x8' JGLPOB778

Post Caps

Post Caps
Post Material Dimensions PSW Item #
Caledonia Post Cap w/o Hole 10''x10''x2'' JGPC21010
Caledonia Post Cap with Hole 10''x10''x2'' JGPC21010H
Salt & Pepper Post Cap w/o Hole 10''x10''x2'' JGPC2SP1010
Salt and Pepper Post Cap with Hole 10''x10''x2'' JGPC2SP1010H
Stanstead Post Cap w/o Hole 10''x10''x2'' JGPC2S1010
Stanstead Post Cap with Hole 10''x10''x2'' JGPC2S1010H
Hampton Post Cap w/o Hole 10''x10''x2'' JLPC3HL

Post Accessories

Post Accessories
Post Material PSW Item #
Mail Box Standard Bracket H11001
Mail Box Prestige Bracket H11002
Fence Rail Hanger H11005
Hitching Post Ring H11003
Newspaper Holder H11004
Post Lamp Post Flange Cast Aluminum H11006

Granite Benches

Granite Benches
Shape Finish & Color Size PSW Item #
Rectangular Sawn & Gray 14''x48''x4'' JGBSPRETAN
Kidney Shape Sawn & Gray 46'' JGBKIDNEY


Product Thickness Approx. Pieces PSW Item #
Colonial Steppers 3''- 5'' 6-7 R10SSC0001
Colonial Steppers Over 5'' 4 R10SSC0002
Pennsylvania Steppers Small 8-10 R10SSP0001
Pennsylvania Steppers Large 4 R10SSP0002
Pennsylvania Steppers Extra Large 2 R10SSP0003


Product Approx. Pieces PSW Item #
Pennsylvania Boulder Single 1 R10SBP0001
Pennsylvania Boulder Double 2 R10SBP0002
Pennsylvania Boulder Multiple 15-18 R10SBP0003

Step Slabs

Step Slabs
Product Thickness PSW Item #
Saratoga Granite 5"-8" R10SSS0001
South Bay Granite 5"-8" R10SSS0002
Ticonderoga Granite 5"-8" R10SST0001

Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds

Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds
Kindred Outdoors has redefined how to build outdoor living spaces with a collection of strong, yet lightweight building blocks. The blocks quickly assemble into custom barbecue islands, kitchen counters, raised bar counters, and more–ready to be dressed with Eldorado Stone and Brick within hours. In addition, there are nine Kindred Artisan Fire Bowls with different color and texture options that are simple yet elegant addition to any backyard or patio. Check out our Outdoor Living Areas Gallery for ideas on outdoor fireplaces, Kindred fire bowls, patios and kitchens. Please click here to explore Kindred Outdoor Cabinets and all of the available possibilities Kindred Outdoor Living has to offer!