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Portland Column

In 1970 Portland Stone Ware began fabricating the Portland concrete filled column. After being approved by ICC-Evaluation Service Inc in 1993, the 16 gauge Portland Columns and caps have been code compliant. Since the year 2000, 16 gauge Portland Columns have undergone a physical plant inspection and certification annually from an independent auditing company hired by ICC-Evaluation Services. Please “See ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 93-36.02” for details, installation information, and compressive strengths for 3½” and 4” diameter 16 gauge steel columns and plates.

Portland Columns are used as structural members to transfer axial compressive loads, from steel or wood beams, to footings. Please note Portland Columns strength is copied below in Table 1 from our ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 93-36.02. The unit of measure is in kips which is a unit of force used by architects and engineers to measure engineering loads. One kip is about 1000 pounds.

Table 1 (from ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 93-36.02)


Column Length
(in feet)
Design Compressive
3 1/2-Inch Column
Strength (In KIPS)
4-Inch Column
6.0 25.1 33.3
6.5 23.6 31.8
7.0 22.2 30.3
7.5 20.7 28.8
8.0 19.3 27.2
8.5 17.8 25.7
9.0 16.4 24.1
9.5 15.1 22.6
10.0 13.8 21.0
11.0 11.3 18.1
12.0 9.1 15.3
13.0 N.D. 12.8
14.0 N.D. 10.6

Legacy Report

Download here

Portland Column

Download here

Inspection Report


The 16 gauge steel columns ranging from 6’ to 12’ in height, sizes 3½” and 4” diameter are the most common sizes used in the industry.
Columns are packaged 10 per bundle.

Column Diameter Lengths Available
3 1/2" 16 gauge 6' to 12' See ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 93.36.02
4" 16 gauge 6' to 14' See ICC-ES Legacy Report No. 93.36.02
4" 11 gauge 6' to 18'
6" 11 gauge 6' to 14'

End Plates

The end plates on the ICC-ES Legacy Report are the standard plate 5½” x 5½” and Springfield plate with a welded ring 6” x 8” to fit either the 3½” to 4” columns. These are designed to secure the columns to structural beams and footings. In addition we offer multiple end plate designs providing options for different applications. The Springfield plate with tab is the same dimensions as the Springfield plate with a welded ring. The U Caps are used under engineered laminated beams. They are available with single or double ring welded under the saddle and come in widths of 3⅝”, 5⅜”, and 7⅛”.


Portland Stone Ware offers the ability to customize any column required for a project. We use the same concrete used in our stock 16 gauge columns, but can customize the steel gauge for any application per the specifications. Schedule 40 and 80 are available upon request. We can also fabricate a variety of diameters and lengths based on the project needs. We also have the ability to round one end making the top bollard if needed as a post.


From basements to blocking utility boxes, the Portland columns are used all over the northeast and mid-Atlantic states. They are painted with red iron oxide alkyd resin which acts as a primer with rust prohibitive qualities. They can be painted over and are often framed around.